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General Rubber is committed to keeping our customers informed regarding our products and services as well as company news and events. We embrace social and traditional media outlets as a means for improved communication, and hope you’ll enjoy the content we provide in this blog. Find and follow us on social media via the above links, contact us to subscribe to our weekly newsletter, and be sure to bookmark this page.

General Rubber BPPO Program


Did you know GRC has an effective Best Piping & Optimization plan (BPPO)? This offers design and manufacturing capabilities to our customers by providing performance materials. Contact us for more information.

General Rubber PREP Program


Did you know GRC has an effective Plant Reliability and Efficiency Program (PREP)? This MRO focused program incorporates Plant Surveys Performed with Traditional and Advanced Inspection Methods.  Contact us for more information.

General Rubber Offset Technology


GRC will measure the offset in the field, build a custom expansion joint and tag it accordingly. This 30 inch diameter is tagged front flange, back flange, maximum offset and four clock locations for ease of installation.  Contact us for more information.

General Rubber attends Hydraulic Institute (HI) 2018


General Rubber Corporation attended the Hydraulic Institute meeting in Phoenix, AZ this past week, and are proud to be contributing to their important standards and knowledge base. We also exhibited our products and services at Thursday’s tabletop exhibition where we answered questions relating to how our performance rubber expansion joints can play an important role in pump piping systems, including minimizing nozzle loads and pipe stresses.

If you weren’t able to join us there, you can access our products and services here and we are always available to assist you.

General Rubber Style 5100D


General Rubber’s Style 5100D Advanced Restrained Dismantling spool type body is constructed with full rubber flanges, a high-grade leak-proof tube, multiple layers of high strength tire cord, high tensile steel reinforcement, a seamless cover and hot dip galvanized steel retaining rings. Control units are typically internally attached and used as limit rods for secondary restraint or as tie rods when the support structure or adjacent equipment have load limitations.  This optimally designed arrangement is an effective solution to absorb large all-directional movement and facilitate access to piping and equipment as well as for unmatched ease of installation

For more information, go to our 5100D Advance Restrained Dismantling product page

General Rubber Style 8101LW


General Rubber’s Style 8101LW rubber slip-on sleeve type rubber expansion joint is designed with lower spring rates for reduced reaction forces and greater movement capabilities within a compact body.  This optimally designed slip-on and lightweight construction has exceptional all-directional movement and is an ideal solution for ducting applications operating within +/- 5 psig.  Additionally, they are available in multiple arches for increased movements and decreased spring rates as well as custom offsets and reducing arrangements.

For more information go to our 8101LW product page.

General Rubber attends Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) 2018


General Rubber Corporation recently attended the CTI 2018 Winter Meeting in Houston, TX this week. Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) is the world’s largest organization dedicated to promoting the use of all environmentally responsible cooling technologies. GRC discussed performance rubber expansion joints and innovative solutions.  If you missed us there, please contact us directly for more information.

Rubber Expansion Joints: Basic Applications to Advanced Solutions


If you missed our 2-part webinar featuring Rubber Expansion Joints: Basic Applications to Advanced Solutions, we have placed a re-recording of it on YouTube. Presented by General Rubber’s President, Lloyd Aanonsen, P.E. and hosted by the Hydraulic Institute, it is the first comprehensive webinar on the subject. The first part focuses on piping system design and optimization, including identifying sources of nozzle loads and pipe stresses. The second part focuses on system reliability and efficacy, with an importance placed on traditional and advanced inspection methods.

Part 1 – Rubber Expansion Joints: Basic Applications to Advanced Solutions

Part 2 – Rubber Expansion Joints: Basic Applications to Advanced Solutions

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