CECO Environmental Effox-Flextor-Mader


ISO 9001 and 14001 CERTIFIED

PTFE Single Layer

Styles 1093 & 1094 & 1095

General Rubber’s Styles 1093, 1094 and 1095 PTFE single layer flanged ducting expansion joints are designed with lower spring rates for reduced reaction forces and greater movement capabilities within a compact body. This lightweight construction is optimally designed with external or internal laminated flanges and represents the most cost-effective arrangement for low pressure flanged ducting applications. The construction includes a PTFE fluoropolymer laminated flexible element and steel retaining rings. Additionally, they are designed to absorb large all-directional movements, reduce noise and vibration, compensate for misalignments, provide access to ducting and equipment and relieve duct and anchor stresses.

General Rubber’s Style 1093 offers up to 600°F with ± 3 PSI continuous service and zero porosity in wet and dry systems. The flexible element is constructed with PTFE fluoropolymer coated high tensile fiberglass reinforcement and a 9 Mil thick laminated PTFE fluoropolymer corrosion barrier.

General Rubber’s Style 1094 offers up to 1,000°F and ± 3 PSI continuous service. The flexible element is constructed with PTFE fluoropolymer coated high tensile fiberglass reinforcement, laminated PTFE fluoropolymer corrosion barrier and a laminated woven or needle mat fiberglass insulation layer.

General Rubber’s Style 1095 offers up to 500°F with ± 3 PSI continuous service, zero porosity in wet and dry systems and a cycle life in the millions. The flexible element is constructed of a solid 30 Mil thick PTFE fluoropolymer layer and is available in thicknesses up to 60 Mil; offering the ultimate chemical resistance with no fiberglass component to fatigue.


  • Round and rectangular designs in all styles
  • Laminated PTFE fluoropolymer corrosion barrier
  • Reducers and offset styles available
  • Exceptional all-directional movement capability
  • Absorbs system noise, vibration and shock
  • Compensates for minor misalignment and offset
  • Available with external or internal flanges
  • Low stiffness and deflection forces
  • Simple to install, lightweight and high strength
  • Provides easy access to ducting and equipment
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, or hot dip galvanized backup rings available for easy bolting to mating flanges
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Heat form and sealed to any size and arrangement


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