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Technical Articles

General Rubber is proud to have published numerous articles in major industry periodicals including Pumps & Systems, WaterWorld, and Maintenance Technology. These articles highlight the features and benefits of our performance products, their selection and application, and implementing an efficiency and reliability program.

General Rubber has been a contributing member to the industry since we opened our doors in 1950. With our wealth of experience and technical capabilities, General Rubber has made some key insights into optimizing piping systems through the use of performance rubber expansion joints. As a founding member of the Fluid Sealing Association (FSA), General Rubber takes pride in its active role in advancing the performance expectations of such critical and dynamic piping components. Rubber expansion joints are paramount to the efficient, reliable and safe operation demanded by the many industries and sectors General Rubber serves. Through FSA, General Rubber has actively promoted industry best practices and safety requirements, and pushed to educate the industry’s design and engineering firms to understand the features and benefits of selecting a performance rubber expansion joint for even the most demanding applications.

Lloyd Aanonsen P.E., President of General Rubber Corporation, has authored many technical articles in partyprominent periodicals such as WaterWorld and Pumps & Systems, highlighting some of the critical performance benefits of General Rubber products. From system optimization to performance replacements, we have provided our engineering and experiential insights through well-known industrial periodicals.

Pumps & Systems

Assessing Alternative Pump Piping Solutions

When assessing pump piping applications, it may be helpful to look at several alternative solutions for the same application and compare the different axial and lateral end load conditions.

White Paper

Managing Pipe Stresses and End/Nozzle Loads Utilizing Rubber Expansion Joints

Pumps & Systems and General Rubber, in partnership, are pleased to present this technical piece.

Fluid Handling Int'l

Taking the Stress out of Piping Design

The benefits of more advanced rubber expansion joint arrangements.

Pumps & Systems

Manage REJs in Piping Systems to Maximize Reliability and Efficiency

Significant advancements in the functionality of REJs have been made using a program focused on Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and improved technologies related to the detection of failure modes

Pumps & Systems

Advanced Styles

General Rubber has pioneered the design and implementation of five new styles of rubber expansion joints (REJs)-now incorporated into the FSA technical handbook-enlarging opportunities for the selection and application of REJs.

Pumps & Systems

Applying Expansion Joints to Your System

Basic functions and applications of rubber expansion joints.

Pumps & Systems

Best Piping Practice and Optimization

Best piping practice and system optimization require an EPC-focused program based on performance products and designs as well as direct design and engineering support.


Maintenance Technology

Expansion Joints: Growing the Technology

Utilizing advanced materials of construction has resulted in performance products capable of meeting the needs of even the most demanding applications.



Plant Reliability and Efficiency

Plant reliability and increased plant efficiency require a MRO-focused maintenance program, manufacturer supported direct training and technical support, and performance replacement products.

Pump Engineer

Managing Pipe Stresses – Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Flexible

A practical guide to managing pipe stresses and nozzle loading by utilizing rubber expansion joints.


American Power Conference

New Design Features in Piping Expansion Joints

Advancements in design and materials have led to a wider range of advanced and conditions-based performance products with greater support and flexibility.

Chemical Engineering

Award for Excellence in Environmental Achievement for a new full-face sealing flange design that cuts required torque values in half, allows higher operating pressures, and eliminates flange leakage and periodic retorquing concerns, resulting in environmental, economic and energy savings.


Hydraulic Institute

Taking the Stress out of Nuclear

In-line pressure balanced rubber expansion joints (REJs): Contract awarded to General Rubber by Chicago Bridge & Iron (CB&I) to supply all REJs for AP1000 Nuclear projects at VC Summer and Plant Vogtle Nuclear Generating Stations.

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