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ISO 9001 and 14001 CERTIFIED

Plant Reliability & Efficiency Program (PREP)

We believe providing performance replacement expansion joints and educating our customers are the best ways to ensure the continued efficiency, safety, and reliability of their plants. We provide a plant inspection in combination with training programs developed from over 65 years of experience and installed capacity.

General Rubber offers its PREP program to customers interested in bettering their management of rubber expansion joints (REJs) by combining performance REJs and industry best practices, as well as advanced inspection techniques and technologies, into a traditional FMEA program.

MRO Focused

  • Improve system reliability with predictive maintenance and performance expansion joints
  • Avoid catastrophic failures, reduce emissions, and conserve energy
  • Reduce unplanned outages and avoid negative news cycles
  • Ensure equipment runs efficiently, allowing systems to conserve energy and keep emissions down
  • Over 65 years of manufacturing and service experience
  • With original equipment in half of the US nuclear power generating facilities including VC Summer and Vogtle
  • International presence, including but not limited to nuclear and fossil power plants, municipal wastewater treatment facilities, steel and paper mills, and marine applications

Risk Assessments Through Traditional FMEA Methods

  • Improved inspection methods have reduced inherent REJ risks and permit a transition to a replacement for a cause-based maintenance program
  • NDE volumetric inspection, through microwave scanning standing wave imaging methods, makes it possible to detect internal degradation in REJs
  • Combined into a FMEA program, significant improvements to system reliability and efficiency are made possible
  • PREP incorporates FMEA to quantify our extensive sound industry experience to our customers
  • Our FMEA reports also allow our customers to prioritize maintenance decisions and properly plan for scheduled outage events

Direct Training and Technical Support

  • Technicians and engineers provide hands-on training
  • Plant surveys, jointly conducted, for condition and dimensional verification as well as visual and physical external inspection
  • Advanced inspection methods and techniques such as microwave scanning tools for internal NDE
  • Industry best practices with improved communication and full transparency
  • Direct training ensures correct information from our customers, and technical support means our customers understand our solutions
  • We maintain a factory direct relationship with our customers
  • Training covers such topics as performance functionalities, troubleshooting, failure analysis, and service life expectancy, as well as product designs, capabilities, limitations, and correct applications
  • Training covers topics critical for plant safety and ensuring the continuous operation of plant equipment

Performance Replacement Expansion Joints

  • Zero leakage, longer service life, and improved safety factors
  • Greater performance values with wider installation tolerances through high performance materials and designs
  • Provide exception durability, all-directional movement capabilities, and easier installation
  • Performance products and design capabilities guarantee 100% performance in any configuration
  • Custom built with improved materials and design
  • Application-based design solutions to overcome any offset and even the most demanding situations
  • Designs readily handle extreme design conditions from large ground settlements to harsh solar radiation

General Rubber is proud to offer its PREP program to customers interested in bettering their management of REJs through a combination of traditional and advanced methods, and 65 years of industry experience. We work with our customers to provide training and training resources, high performance replacement expansion joints, and the technical support and transparent relationship needed to ensure our customers have complete confidence in our products and in us. We believe in educating our customers and this industry as a whole, which is why General Rubber will continue to provide industry-leading products and technology, hands-on training, and important technical literature.

For more information about General Rubber’s training programs or on-site services, please contact us.

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