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ISO 9001 and 14001 CERTIFIED

Features & Benefits

Expansion joints are primarily used to absorb all directional piping movements as well as reduce noise and vibration. In addition, they are a cost effective means to relieve piping and anchor stresses, compensate for misalignment, and provide access to piping and equipment.

Absorbs all Directional Movement

General Rubber’s Maxi-Joint® wide arch expansion joints provide superior movement capability in axial compression, axial extension, and lateral deflection, as well as in the angular and torsional direction. This performance cannot be obtained with metallic joints, grooved couplings, or large pipe loops. The low stiffness and deflection forces make designing with General Rubber expansion joints a breeze.


Reduces Noise and Vibration

General Rubber’s expansion joints and flexible connectors effectively dampen and insulate against the transmission of noise and vibration generated by mechanical equipment. This is particularly important in HVAC applications where the disturbing frequency of pipe and fluid-conducting noise can resonate and amplify throughout the building. Metallic joints and grooved couplings do little to reduce noise and vibration.


High Resistance to Fatigue and Shock

General Rubber’s expansion joints have a cycle life in the tens of millions. The highly compliant and resilient characteristics of General Rubber expansion joints make them ideally suited for earthquake and bomb blast isolation, as well as pressure-surge and water hammer dampening.


Highly Resistant to Abrasion and Corrosion

Our abrasion and corrosion resistant materials can be superior to even the most exotic materials. General Rubber is proud to offer a variety of elastomers and construction materials chosen specifically to meet the needs of even the most demanding applications.

Relieves Pipe and Anchor Stress

Thermal movements along with other external forces and displacements, including ground settlement can quickly exceed allowable pipe and anchor stresses. General Rubber expansion joints absorb these stresses and replace them with their own low stiffness (spring rate).

Compensates for Misalignment

It is common in both new construction and replacement applications to encounter pipe misalignment. Minor misalignment can be taken up with standard General Rubber expansion joints, and custom units can be quickly fabricated with large permanent offsets.

Provides Access to Piping and Equipment

Access to piping and equipment can be easily achieved by treating the expansion joint as a removable spool piece. If a self-retracting design is needed, General Rubber’s Style 5100D dismantling joint can be utilized.

Cost-Effective Solution

An optimal design does not necessarily mean higher pressure or temperature ratings, because these features typically increase the product’s stiffness and cost. With a proven track record that dates back to 1950, General Rubber has the experience and is confident that we can develop an optimal and cost effective solution to meet your requirements. Our abrasion and corrosion-resistant materials can be superior to even the most exotic metals. Our large inventories and modern U.S. ISO 9001 & 14001 certified manufacturing facility also mean quick deliveries, as well as top quality products and services.

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