Since our inception in 1950, General Rubber Corp has designed and developed a wide range of mechanical rubber products used in the most demanding applications. Improved performance and engineered solutions have often been accomplished by incorporating advanced materials and technologies to what otherwise would be considered a conventional product line. That is the General Rubber difference and the principle reason why our products range “From the simple, to the simply amazing”. We are pleased to introduce our three leading brands here. Select from the linked brands below to view the technical guidelines and references corresponding with each, or browse the full site with the navigation bars to the left.

Maxi-Joint represents our comprehensive line of expansion joints, flexible connectors, rubber flanged hoses and related accessories, as well as spray shields and penetration seals. These products provide critical functions in piping and ducting systems including absorbing thermal movements, ground settlement, misalignment, noise, vibration and shock.

Flex-Valve represents our state of the art line of pinch valves, pressure isolation rings and duck bill check valves. These products are uniquely suited for slurries and other difficult fluids, and can out perform alternative products 10 to1. They are abrasion and corrosion resistant, non-clogging, maintenance free and can even seal drop tight around solids.

SoundZorber represents our complete line of noise and vibration control products, as well as seismic restraints. Our resilient mounts, hangers and pads can virtually eliminate objectionable noise and vibration. Our seismic cable and snubber restraints are designed to protect both life and property in the event of an earthquake.

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