CECO Environmental Effox-Flextor-Mader


ISO 9001 and 14001 CERTIFIED

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Rubber has collected some of the most common questions we receive from our customers, and we present the answers to those questions below in an effort to help you find relevant information as quickly and easily as possible.

What materials are available?

We support a wide range of elastomers, from economical and durable EPDM to the industry’s toughest PTFE and FKM. Additionally, we offer various internal reinforcements depending on design pressure and temperature. For a complete list see our Materials of Construction page.

Can you provide products compliant with…?

We have a rich history across many industries and sectors, resulting in an in-depth knowledge of and capability to meet many international standards and performance specifications, including but not limited to ASME, Nuclear Safety, FSA, FDA and Marine. For more information on our capabilities see our Compliance & Certifications page or contact us.

Do I need gaskets?

No, General Rubber’s products have full faced rubber flanges. This eliminates the need for gaskets and reduces the overall cost and installation time. When our products are installed directly against piping or equipment with non-continuous flanges, we recommend flange spacer plates or filler flanges to provide an acceptable mating surface. Additionally, our performance design has a reduced body thickness, hence a larger flange sealing face than typically found on non-performance products. This allows more sealing area under the bolt circle which ensures zero leakage. See our Installation & Maintenance Instructions for additional information on proper installation requirements and methodologies.

I have concurrent movements, are you able to achieve this?

Yes, however we do not publish concurrent movement capabilities. Please contact us with specific design requirements so we can properly match an expansion joint to your required specifications.

I have specifications for spring rates that are below your published values, are you able to achieve lower spring rates?

Yes, we are able to design our performance products to satisfy your application needs in a number of ways. For a specific solution please contact us with your design requirements.


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