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36" ID X 24" FF Style 1104,1204 quadruple (4) wide arch expansion joint
36" ID X 24" FF Style 1104,1204 quadruple (4) wide arch expansion joint
36" ID X 24" FF Style 1104,1204 cross-sectional detail
Style 1104,1204 assembly with W/B 4-rod control unit
Style 1104,1204 assembly with SW/SW 3-rod control unit and optional PTFE liner
72" ID X 26" FF Style 1104,1204 with INT-WB integral gusset/retaining ring control unit

Quadruple Wide Arch

Style 1104
General Rubber's Styles 1104 and 1204, quadruple (4) wide arch rubber expansion joints have quadruple the all directional movement capabilities with one-quarter the spring rates of our single arch design. Additionally, they are designed to reduce noise and vibration, have a cycle life in the tens of millions, compensate for misalignments, provide access to piping and equipment and relieve pipe and anchor stresses. Its spool type body is constructed with full rubber flanges, a high-grade leak-proof tube, multiple layers of high-strength tire cord, high tensile steel reinforcement, a seamless cover and hot dip galvanized steel retaining rings. This construction, as a standalone expansion joint, represents the most cost-effective arrangement when used in rigid piping systems with main anchors (MA) and numerous guides at specific spacing. Control units can be externally or internally attached and used as limit rods for secondary restraint or as tie rods when the support structure or adjacent equipment have load limitations.
  • Versatile hand-built construction
  • Quadruple the movement with one-quarter the spring rate
  • Standard or custom face-to-face dimensions
  • Available in custom offset arrangements and sizes not shown
  • Virtually eliminates sediment buildup
  • Higher pressure rating than conventional expansion joints
  • Style 1204 designates full vacuum rating (30" Hg) in all sizes
  • 250°F continuous service standard (400°F available)
  • Hot dip galvanized retaining rings standard
  • Integral flange design, no gaskets required
  • Filled arch design available
  • High strength and simple to install